About The American Spokesman

The American Spokesman is the blog of David Woosley, former writer and news editor at the Northwest Arkansas Morning News. Please contact him by email:

Also, here is David’s bio from his business website:

I’m crazy in love with software development, and I’d do this job for free if my family wasn’t so fond of food, clothing and shelter.

My career starts with college (math and finance), then jobs as a journalist and programmer. Then, it was off to Saudi Arabia for a two-year consulting gig during which I was inexplicably trusted to create the kingdom’s first stock market index. I crossed the Arabian Desert, a week-long trek I cannot recommend because that place is boring, seemingly lifeless and, as one might expect, insanely hot.

I returned home as a self-proclaimed technology consultant, landing my first contract with United Technologies at its plant in Connecticut where space suits and shuttle components were made. (Size 40 regular: $5.5 million, paid in advance, they said.) That short project blossomed into eighteen years so far of long-term development projects in distribution, records management, real estate advertising (web) and manufacturing for premium publishing, which brings us to 2016.

Let’s, your company and mine, develop some great applications that get things done, and done right. You demand it, I supply it. I always enjoy hearing about projects, technologies and businesses in general, and I’d like to hear about yours too.